23 Jan 2015

Conducting a joint Master’s course with the Technical University of Denmark

From 5 to 23 January 2015, ten students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) participated in a Master’s course at DHI Headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark.

The course, which was conducted in collaboration with DTU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (MEK), was entitled ‘Numerical fluid mechanics for typical marine and coastal applications’. It was designed to introduce students to the various features of MIKE 21, our software used for offshore and coastal projects.

Through a combination of lectures and hands-on experience, the students learned how to:
  • establish a nearshore hydraulic modelling complex based on our MIKE 21 software package
  • establish MIKE 21 model input including bathymetry, wind, wave and sediment maps, and tidal forcing
  • solve depth-integrated flow equations, spectral wave equations and combined wave-current sediment transport using the MIKE 21 numerical modelling complex
  • apply numerical methods, including meshing of domains and account for its impacts on the solution
  • provide practical assessments and interpretations of MIKE 21 numerical solutions
  • interpret complex surf zone and offshore processes
  • solve a major and realistic exercise problem using the established MIKE 21 modelling complex
  • present results of numerical calculations in a transparent, easily accessible and applicable form

As part of the course, the students also received an introduction to environmental modelling, including dispersion of spill material from dredging operations and ecological modelling.

We have a long history of knowledge sharing and collaboration with DTU. ‘Much of our model capabilities come from theory developed at DTU MEK and implemented in our MIKE Powered by DHI software’, says Nils Drønen, Head of Innovation for the Coastal and Estuarine Dynamics Department in Denmark.

This is the fourth year that we have run this type of Master’s level course in marine applications in collaboration with DTU MEK.