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19-21 Jun
3 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER This three-day, hands-on course gives you an introduction to MIKE HYDRO River and its capabilities for modelling of river systems. The aim is to enable you to create, edit and run basic river models and to analyse and present the simulation results. India
20-21 Jun
2 days
MIKE 21 FLOW MODEL HD FM This two-day course teaches you the fundamentals of 2D hydrodynamic modelling (HD) and gives you an introduction on how to set up a hydrodynamic model using the MIKE 21 Flow Model HD FM model using flexible mesh bathymetry. Vietnam
25 Jun
1 day
ABM LAB In this free 1-hour webinar you will learn how underwater sound noises such as the construction and operation of offshore wind farms, oil and gas exploration / production, seismic surveys, vessel traffic and fishing impacts underwater living organisms. This webinar will be presented in Portuguese. 15:00 - 16:00 UTC (11:00am EST). Online
27-28 Jun
2 days
MIKE HYDRO BASIN This two-day course gives you an overview of how to use MIKE HYDRO Basin to support river basin management and reservoir operations. The course can be adapted to focus on different aspects of river basin management including hydropower, surface water gr Greece
27-28 Jun
2 days
MIKE FLOOD This two-day, hands-on course aims to teach you river flood modelling by integrating the 1D river model (MIKE HYDRO River) and 2D overland flow model (MIKE 21). The emphasis is on establishing a 2D overland flow model followed by coupling the 1D and 2D model components to simulate the fully integrated flow dynamics between main rivers and surrounding flood plain areas. Greece
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10 Jun 2019

Hydro Informatics Institute and DHI reinforce common focus on emerging technologies in Thailand and the region

Devastating flood and drought events that happened in Thailand during 2011 and 2015 respectively underline the need for cutting edge technology to help decision makers mitigate the impact of these hazards.


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