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10-14 Aug
5 days
1st DHI Digital Seminar for Latin America: Powering solutions in water environments This week long (5 days) Spanish online summit offers you an opportunity to interact and learn from professionals related to water sectors in Latin America. Share your experiences, discuss modelling applications and bring your questions to peers and industry experts from many different countries and backgrounds. Chose the topics that are relevant to you from more than 15 presentations and get inspired by DHI experts, key-note speakers and MIKE software users. Online Register
12 Aug
1 day
WEBINAR: WATER QUALITY TRAINING This course offers an integrated and holistic approach based on an understanding of key environmental processes that will make water quality assessment a more comprehensive and effective process. Time: 2:00am UTC (10:00am MYT) Online Register
17-19 Aug
3 days
FEFLOW This three-day course provides you with an introduction to groundwater modelling using FEFLOW. You learn about the basic concepts of the software through building flow and transport models (2D/3D). The course will also provide you with the skills for more advanced groundwater modelling. China
19 Aug
1 day
Webinar: River water quality modelling and management River water quality models, which simulate the fate and transport of contaminants under different scenarios, are useful for water resource managers to assess the possible water quality status of rivers under various scenarios. These models can be of three types - empirical black box, conceptual grey box, and numerical white box. This webinar deliberates on these three modelling types and how they can be used for operational management. Time: 12:00 am UTC (12:00 pm NZT) Online Register
20 Aug
1 day
Webinar: MIKE 21 C – Introduction to sediment transport modelling for lakes, rivers and resevoirs During this free 45 minute webinar including a Q&A session, you will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of cohesive and non-cohesive sediment transport modeling in rivers and reservoirs. MIKE 21 Curvilinear (MIKE 21C) consists of a curvilinear hydrodynamics module (CHD) and a sediment transport model (CST). A curvilinear grid generator is also available for preparation of the curvilinear grids for the simulations. 17:00UTC (1:00pm EST) Online Register
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08 Jul 2020

New Zealand city of Tauranga selected by the Swedish Innovation Agency for an international pilot

The city’s utility will receive funding to implement Future City Flow and thereby enhance wastewater network planning.

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