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25-26 Feb
2 days
FEFLOW Introduction This two-day course provides you with an introduction to groundwater modelling using FEFLOW. You learn about the basic concepts of the software through building flow and transport models (2D/3D). Language: English Hungary
25 Feb
1 day
MIKE URBAN+ 1D/2D This free, one-hour webinar will demonstrate MIKE URBAN+ capabilities for integrated one and two dimensional urban flood modelling. You will be introduced to the different types of integrated models covering 1D sewers systems and its interaction with an urban 2D surface flow model. The types of results that can be generated with the tool will be presented. 10.00 UTC Online Register
26-28 Feb
3 days
MIKE SHE In this three-day course you learn about the physical and modelling aspects of all the processes in the hydrological cycle and fully coupled and fully integrated surface water and groundwater modelling. India
27-28 Feb
2 days
NUMERICAL MODELLING FOR GEOTHERMAL INSTALLATIONS This two-day, hands-on course aims at providing you with the principles of geothermal modelling using FEFLOW for deep and shallow systems moreover, the course also deals with system optimisation (well positioning), pumping cycles, competition between adjacent installation, efficiency and operating life, enhance geothermal systems, etc. Language: English Hungary
2-6 Mar
5 days
Introduction and advanced topics in groundwater modeling This comprehensive five-day course consists of two parts. The introductory part is identical to the course "Introduction to groundwater modelling". The advanced part aims at providing you with the skills for advanced modelling topics. Colombia
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11 Feb 2020

How real-time modelling supports a proactive water network operation

With rapid urban population growth, water utilities worldwide are more than ever facing pressing challenges to preserve the hydraulic and water quality of already strained water distribution networks and infrastructure.


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