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4-5 Feb
2 days
MIKE URBAN+ WATER DISTRIBUTION This two-day, hands-on course gives you an introduction to data management and numerical modelling (EPANET) of water distribution systems. On completion of the course you will be able to use MIKE URBAN+ software to develop your own models by importing GIS Norway
6 Feb
1 day
MODELLING IN THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Presenters discuss numeric modelling in the context of agriculture and groundwater quality monitoring to achieve crop security and harvest quality. They review modelling software MIKE SHE and FEFLOW and two case studies, which represent successful irrigation practice. Participants learn, how real-time modelling can help farmers, agricultural associations and government agencies manage irrigation systems and develop planning and governing mechanisms for local and regional cases. 2:00 UTC  15:00 Berlin Online Register
6 Feb
1 day
IMPORT OF GEMINI VA TO MIKE URBAN This one-day course teaches how to use data from Gemini VA as the basis for a MIKE URBAN model. The course is complementary to the basic courses in MIKE URBAN WD/CS tailored to the Norwegian market. The course is using a water distribution network as a teaching example but will also be relevant for collection systems as the procedure for water and waste water is similar Norway
10-14 Feb
5 days
FEFLOW This comprehensive five-day course in Berlin consists of two parts. The introductory part is identical to the course "Introduction to groundwater modelling". The advanced part aims at providing you with the skills for advanced modelling topics. Germany
10-11 Feb
2 days
MARINE WATER QUALITY ASSESSMENT This course gives you an introduction to the key environmental processes that govern water quality in the marine environment allowing for improved scoping in environmental assessments and baseline or monitoring sampling design. Best practices in numerical modelling for effective water quality assessment will also be presented, using realistic case studies to illustrate how numerical modelling tools can be used in the Malaysian context. Malaysia
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17 Jan 2020

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Water Summit: A splash for a sustainable future

This week, a group of water professionals from around the world, teamed up in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss possible solutions to some of the toughest urban water challenges.


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