Self-Paced Courses

Move beyond the classroom. Design your own learning experience, at your own pace.

Want to master the basics such as how to set up a MIKE model and view results? Build foundational skills in a quick and cost-effective way and at a time and place most convenient for you.

The modular, pre-recorded structure of our no-cost* self-paced courses allows you to fit learning into your schedule. Watch engaging video lectures and demonstration videos, take part in hands-on exercises, test your knowledge with quizzes and access helpful reading material whenever you need a refresh.

Begin your journey
An internet connection of sufficient bandwidth and demo version of the MIKE software you’d like to learn is all that is needed. Plan to invest two to four hours of time, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. 

Kickstart your learning journey by taking a no-cost self-paced course and then move on to a comprehensive, blended course with the added bonus of expert support.

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