Tailored Courses

Level up your team with immersive learning on your terms.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to training.  Depending on the needs and wishes of your organisation, DHI can provide tailor-made courses adapted to your training needs. 

Get the most out of your MIKE software investment. You choose the location, time, team size and subject and we’ll provide a high-quality custom training programme using your in-house models if desired. 

“The in-house training course was extremely helpful for our staff to gain an in depth understanding of the software and its applications to wastewater system modelling. The instructor was extremely well versed in the material and helpful with all of our questions. We got great value from the training course and would definitely recommend it to anyone operating the DHI software.”

Mark Zamojc, GM BluePlan Engineering Limited (Canada)

Empower your workforce
In today’s turbulent environment, a company’s workforce is essential to business success. One that is flexible to changing conditions and can adapt to advancing technologies can make the difference between success and failure. 

Get your projects off to a flying start and empower your staff to continue solving complex water challenges in the most efficient and innovative way. Tailored training is one of the best ways to ensure they’re equipped with the MIKE technology skills needed to achieve your strategic goals. 

Bolster the capacities of your organisation
Strengthening of institutional capacities and human resources should be a cornerstone in your organisation’s quest to make a difference in the world of water. We are here to support you and your most valuable resource – your people.

Take advantage of our comprehensive capacity development packages on institutional development, water management, strategic planning and information management systems to help renew your commitment to your employees. Because when they build new skills, everyone moves forward.