Tailored courses

Tailored solutions adapted to your training needs - choose the location, period and content of the training

If you request a tailor made training at THE ACADEMY by DHI, the course you receive is designed specifically according to your needs and given at the time and location of your choice (in-house at your company, at your local DHI office or at DHI Headquarters in Denmark) by an experienced and authorised trainer.

The content can be a near copy paste of an existing course - or a complete tailored training based upon your own data and designed according to your specific needs. We shall always be able to find the most suitable solution for you – whether you are a water manager, an engineer or a technician or an organisation that wishes to develop your labour force. The tailored courses may range from days up to months.

If in doubt about content of training you can always rely on our trainers to advise you on which training scheme to adopt to meet your preferences.

Great to have the training in our office! The development of LITPACK in MIKE Zero is a great move

Principal URS Scott Wilson Ltd., United Kingdom