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Thesis writing, supervision and poster exhibitions

Thesis supervision
In certain cases DHI may take on the task of supervising your thesis work. Our supervision forms part of an overall university collaboration that we continuously promote and strengthen.

The students that we select are obliged to have top grades as modelling is demanding and challenging!

It is a prerequisite that your university professor has agreed with you on the topic of your thesis before you contact us about possible DHI supervision.

We are not able to offer scholarships for Master and PhD studies.

Are you a top grade student? Does your university professor agree that it may be a good idea that DHI supervises your thesis? Does your university already have collaborative links with DHI? When you have clarified these issues please contact Ole Mark

Thesis writing under the MIKE Powered by DHI thesis programme
As a student you may obtain a free, time-limited license for MIKE Powered by DHI software products to be used for writing your thesis. Your university supervisor must agree with you on the topic of your thesis before the free license is arranged as well as sign the application for verification. You apply yourself for the license by contacting your local MIKE Powered by DHI Client Care.

The MIKE Powered by DHI licenses granted under the DHI thesis programme aim exclusively at performing the work directly related to the thesis. 

For more information about the MIKE Powered by DHI thesis programme , please contact your local MIKE Powered by DHI Client Care found here

Are you a top student, studying for a master degree? Are you available for 5-6 months? And would you like to help us solve the toughest water environment challenges in the world? If yes, we can offer a challenging internship, with the best colleagues and an opportunity to develop your skills in a truly international company. Then click here to learn more.

We appreciate very much to receive posters that have been prepared by you in connection with your thesis work.
Posters as well as theses may be published on our website – of course always in agreement with you and your supervisor!