17 Sep 2015

Using international knowledge to improve MIKE Powered by DHI models

A university student from Nantes has spent the summer working with DHI to test a new advanced hydrodynamic model in MIKE 3 that is currently under development.

DHI is attracting young scientists from Europe today to participate in the development of hydrodynamic models of tomorrow. Laetitia Pernod of Nantes, France has spent the summer working with DHI’s Jesper Mariegaard to take the next generation of MIKE Powered by DHI models one step further.

The work is part of Laetitia’s Master’s studies in engineering at the École Centrale Nantes, which she expects to graduate from this autumn. She is working on testing a new advanced hydrodynamic model in order to support the development of a non-hydrostatic version of the MIKE 3 Flexible Mesh (FM) model. This is a major step forward towards a modelling tool that will enable MIKE Powered by DHI users to model complicated situations such as the flow in harbour entrances or surf zone dynamics.

‘I benefited from DHI’s vast international experience and high competence in water environments’, says Laetitia. ‘The internship was also an opportunity to join a team that does both numerical and physical testing, allowing me to improve and acquire new skills’.

‘It is always inspiring to engage with skilled international students. They keep you on your toes and provide new viewpoints and angles when developing our software’, says Jesper. 

The development of the new model is part of our Blue Horizons research and development (R&D) project, which is funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. This development is part of our multifaceted technical support to the coastal and marine sector and will be available to our users in the future.