18 Apr 2016

DHI China conducts a successful MIKE Powered by DHI MIKE 21 public training course

In March 2016, DHI China conducted a public training course on the use of DHI’s MIKE 21 software. The course, ‘MIKE 21 – Coastal and Sea Simulation’, took place at the Ji Mao Building in Shanghai. In attendance were nearly 70 professionals from various scientific research institutions, design companies and universities.

The hands-on course began with an exploration of the fundamentals of 2D hydrodynamic modelling (HD) using MIKE 21 software and an introduction to setting up a hydrodynamic model using flexible mesh bathymetry. It also included the sand and mud transport modelling (ST&MT), wave modelling (SW), as well as shoreline morphology modelling (SM). 

The three-day MIKE 21 course was followed by an ecological modelling course, ‘MIKE ECO Lab and ABM Lab’, where participants were taught how to develop and implement ecological models through the MIKE ECO Lab and ABM Lab modelling software. The training was conducted by Jonas Brandi Mortensen, a senior environmental scientist from our Singapore office. During the training, participants learned about operational practice when working with agent-based modelling projects and received tutorials on how agent-based models are developed and applied within the field of ecology through a selection of DHI case stories and hands-on tutorials.

Participants with our senior environmental scientist, Jonas Mortensen ©DHI

We had a very successful run with this course. In particular, participants were impressed by the high quality of our trainers and the comprehensive programme which enabled them to familiarise themselves with our MIKE 21 software.

‘The lecturer was very professional and patient. The course was well organized and had a hands-on approach and quality training materials.’ – Yang Yu, Engineer, The Pearl River Hydraulic Research Institute, China