29 Apr 2016

DHI provides a storm water conceptual plan and planning guide to the cities of Tát and Tokod, Hungary

DHI has been engaged to provide advanced knowledge of surface water, groundwater and urban water systems for the Tát and Tokod municipality. This is delivered through a complex integrated mathematical model using the MIKE Powered by DHI MIKE SHE and MIKE URBAN software.

In 2014, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and Norway Grants have approved a programme called Elaborating a Concept for Precipitation Management and Adapting to Climate Change in the Settlements of Tát and Tokod. This programme aims to increase knowledge about the effects of climate change as well as to mitigate damages caused by extreme rainfalls. DHI has been roped in to provide knowledge and expertise in this field of storm water management.

As a result of climate change, high frequency of heavy rains has resulted in an increase in ground water level. The complex models developed by DHI is valuable in providing a better understanding of the behaviour of the natural runoff system of storm water in Tát and Tokod. They also provide an engineering solution to develop and improve the current system.

With our software technology and the data that is derived from it, flood protection and management of storm water in the two cities of Hungary is possible. Our models help to establish measurements and guidelines for municipalities to work out a solution in preparation for a flood event.

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