22 Apr 2016

Earth Day 2016 - Tackling climate change

Humans have contributed to the cause of climate change. Let us now contribute to its healing.

Earth Day is an international observance every 22nd of April and ¬ marks a day of action for Man with regard to taking a purposive step towards protecting the Earth. 

This year, the Paris Agreement will be ratified by world leaders at the United Nations in New York on Earth Day. The Agreement is a commitment made by world leaders during the 2015 United Nations Conference on Climate Change to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to continue their efforts to address climate change.

At DHI, we have seen the devastating effects of climate change on communities, impacting lives and livelihoods. Higher temperatures and changes to other climate variables result in a rise of sea levels as well as changes in wave climate, coastal environments, availability and quality of water for irrigation and other water demands. The work we do helps to mitigate these effects by providing solutions and tools for climate change adaptation and also alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Europe, we have embarked on a new project named ‘Water Smart Cities’ in collaboration with other Danish water institutes and companies. In this project, we aim to develop software technologies that can ensure optimal planning in climate change adaptation, such as in the case of urban flooding as a result of heavy rains. With MIKE Powered by DHI models, we were able to produce model concepts that were precise and sensitive to real-time calculations and optimisation.

‘Water Smart Cities’ will help ensure optimal planning when cities are hit by heavy rains and flooding. ©iStock / schlol

In Africa, we have worked together with Met Office Hadley Centre to develop new regional climate projections and a hydrological and water resources model of the Nile River Basin. The study will help the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) countries to increase their knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change on the Nile flows. This enables them to evaluate possible methods to adapt to climate change. Our MIKE Powered by DHI MIKE HYDRO software allows us to assess the impacts of climate change on flows across the Nile River Basin.

 Fishermen and farmers on the Nile, Egypt. © iStocks/ kharps

We are committed to alleviating issues faced as a result of climate change. Our team of experts, after years of studying our environment, have come up with solutions to help you adapt to these changes.

Climate change is real and its effects are real too. 

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