28 Jun 2016

MIKE Powered by DHI’s software seminar conducted by DHI Brazil

On 14 June 2016, DHI Brazil conducted their 5th seminar on MIKE Powered by DHI’s software. More than 30 participants from municipal and federal authorities, private companies, as well as universities gathered in São Paulo, Brazil to exchange knowledge and competencies on modeling technologies for water environments. Participants included existing MIKE software users as well as those interested to utilise our technology. They were able to access the new features incorporated in the new MIKE software suite and techniques recently developed by DHI during the seminar.

Our team of experts shared the stage with local MIKE software users from São Paulo State University (UNESP), Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio University) and Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Hidroviárias (INPH). The users presented interesting applications of the MIKE SHE, MIKE 21 and FEFLOW software. Speakers from DHI shared some of our many areas of expertise during the conference including:

  • modelling the impact of underwater noise on marine life
  • safety and efficiency in vessel berthing
  • groundwater modeling in complex geologies with FEFLOW 7.0
  • integrated watershed hydrology modeling
Participants listening in to a software user’s sharing during the MIKE Powered by DHI Software Seminar
2016 in Brazil © DHI

The seminar offered participants a great opportunity to familiarise themselves with our advanced solutions to challenges in water environments. The attendees showed a keen interest in learning about the vast possibilities for local applications of the technologies we presented through our software suite. 

Participants also had the chance to share ideas and learn more about new features available in the recent MIKE software release. New features such as the Underwater Acoustics Simulator (UAS) and the Dynamic Vessel Response Simulator (DVRS) drew special attention. 

Organised by THE ACADEMY by DHI, the seminar aimed to increase awareness and access to the knowledge and skills that DHI has acquired from more than 50 years of activities in the water sector. With our mission of knowledge-sharing in mind, we hope to continue our success in the next MIKE seminar to be held in Brazil in 2017.

‘I really liked the format of the seminar. I was especially interested in the FEFLOW 7.0 presentation and the MIKE SHE applications’ – Roger Gonçalves, UNESP