13 Jul 2016

Designing a local flood alert system to mitigate flood impacts in Guadeloupe, France

In order to spur efficient decision making in times of flood and potential flood events, the Urban Community of Pointé à Pitre (CAP Excellence) has engaged DHI to design a local flood alert system that can provide information and early warning in the case of flood events.

The CAP territory is in constant threat of flooding, caused by three different types of floods: coastal flooding, river flooding and overflow from water networks. As a result of climate change, localised storms and high quantity of rainfall, rapid rise of floodwaters occur in the city within a short time.

Integrating MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE OPERATIONS forecasting platform and MIKE URBAN’s modelling technology, DHI has designed a local flood alert system for CAP Excellence. The system automatically collects rainfall information and launches simulation with the data collected. This enables the user to predict the risks of overflowing of the storm drainage system and the risks of floods over a 24-hour period. 

In addition, the system also allows visualisation of flood sectors for easy identification of flood sectors. With the prediction and identification of impending flood location, operators are able to take necessary measures to mitigate the impacts of the flood event. With our system that employs both DHI’s MIKE OPERATIONS and MIKE URBAN technology, we were able to simplify technical processes to allow flood mitigation strategies in dealing with extreme weather emergencies.

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