08 Feb 2017

Automated bird monitoring system lands on pioneer US wind farm

DHI’s newly-developed multi-sensor bird detection system (MUSE) will be installed at Block Island Offshore Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm constructed in the US.

Picture of the multi-sensor bird detection system (MUSE) installed at Thanet offshore Wind Farm (UK). © DHI

A five-year contract with US-based group Stantec – a first in the US for DHI
DHI has signed a contract with Stantec, a US-based design and engineering group, for the monitoring of birds at Block Island Offshore Wind Farm, developed by Deepwater Wind. Block Island is the first offshore wind farm constructed in the US. Offshore wind developers in the US are required to undertake automated monitoring of bird and bat behaviour to identify potential collisions with offshore wind turbines. 

MUSE multi-sensor system with a camera that follows radar detection
We will install one of the newly developed MUSE multi-sensor systems, which has been developed and tested by DHI in the UK for the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP). It comprises a combination of advanced radar and digital camera that allows for identification of birds and bats. Contrary to conventional systems, MUSE’s camera is movable and follows the radar detection. Thus, much less cameras need to be installed, which in turn helps the client save costs. The monitoring will start in February 2017 and will continue over a period of five years. 

Henrik Skov, DHI’s senior project manager says, ‘Hopefully our new project at Block Island will pave the way for the application of our MUSE system across the US offshore wind business.’

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