21 Oct 2019

At DHI we are all about community building and knowledge sharing

An important part of developing and designing digital solutions is to co-create the development process of our software suite in close collaboration with clients and end-users. We facilitated an event to share our UX perspectives.


To shed some light on our UX design visions at DHI, we recently had a UX design event for all interested, highlighting important aspects of UX design at DHI. 

'We are on a mission to continually improve the quality and usability of DHI products. This is a very exciting journey, and we wanted to share our perspectives with people outside of DHI', explains Adam Heleniak, Design Manager at DHI. 

One of the goals of the UX Design Team is to make DHI more visible in the design and UX community by sharing how we approach customer-centered design and cross-collaboration. Discussions about how the UX Design Team involves customers in the design process through workshops with end-users, usability testing and interviews were hot topics during the event. The attendees were presented with interesting insights on future projects planned by the UX team as well as behind the scenes sneak peaks of current projects. Moreover, the guests also got a presentation of DHI and a guided tour around DHI’s physical water facilities. 

Next up for the design team is to play a central part in another exciting DHI event taking place in late October. Make sure you stay updated on dhigroup.com to get more information on future events hosted by DHI.