30 Nov 2020

Online service delivers instant access to global hydrological data with no additional simulation required

Water modellers worldwide can now benefit from a new data service offering easy access to critical hydrological data for use in decision support applications and planning work.

The Global Hydrological Model (GHM) is a data service delivered through MIKE Cloud, DHI’s open innovation platform providing Cloud-based tools to improve efficiency. It provides high spatial resolution forecast data for real-time applications as well as 20 years of long-term hindcast data with a resolution of 0.1 by 0.1 degree. The full suite of hydrological parameters in the data service including river discharge, overland flow, rootzone storage, baseflow and total runoff are updated hourly with a 15-day lead time. In addition, the GHM helps modellers improve long-term planning and risk assessment with a 9-month lead time for seasonal forecasting.

Coverage spans almost the entire globe

Quick access to reliable hydrological data is critical when creating decision support applications. However, this type of data is often limited. With coverage spanning almost the entire globe and major river basins, the GHM is well suited for river operations planning and analysing flood and drought indexes as well as the impacts of river discharges. It can even be applied to studies that require finer resolution with local datasets.

Lisbeth Pedersen, DHI’s MIKE Cloud Evangelist, explains, ‘The GHM is DHI’s response to the ever-growing number of global datasets. After carefully analysing and evaluating these global datasets, DHI has developed an automated workflow which allows us to efficiently use them to create and update a global hydrological model to support the demands of today’s market asking for fast and qualified hydrological data.’ 

To learn more about DHI’s Global Hydrological Model and to request a free demo, visit www.dhigroup.com/data-portals/global-hydrological-model.