01 Aug 2012

Numerical modelling of moored vessel motion-DHI Solution

DHI has developed the moored vessel response model WAMSIM.

DHI has developed the moored vessel response model WAMSIM. The WAMSIM model is an advanced numerical modelling software package designed to support decision makers with fast, accurate and cost effective predictions of motions and mooring forces affecting floating structures. The forcing comes from combined wind, current and wave action. The influence of breakwater and quay structures on the waves is included in the forcing via the hydrodynamics model. Using this tool enables operators to adopt effective mitigation measures early in the feasibility and design processes.

WAMSIM utilises the combined strength of MIKE by DHI’s wave and hydrodynamic models and the industry standard vessel response model WAMIT® by WAMIT Inc. WAMSIM provides time domain predictions of all motions and mooring forces, and can be used to produce informative 3D visualizations, for easy visualisation and result interpretation. The accuracy of WAMSIM has been thoroughly validated against field and laboratory measurements, and have been successfully utilized on projects at a across the globe.