Introductory course to the EU regulation

At this one-day-course you will get an overview of the safety requirements to food contact materials marketed in the European Union (EU). We will look at various materials such as plastics, rubber, metal, recycled paper, adhesives and ink. In addition, you will learn how to prepare a compliance declaration and how to assess if the declaration is sufficient for your intended purpose.

The course is a mix of lectures and exercises, which are solved in groups. At the course you will get a folder with current regulations and guidelines. If you are interested in a particular subject pertinent to the course, please inform us in advance. We will then try to include your subject in the course.

Food contact materials are materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, from packaging to processing equipment and kitchen utensils. The EU regulation on food contact materials not only comprises materials in direct contact with food but also materials that are in indirect contact with food such as pallets used for stacking. 

Upon completion of the course you will be able to communicate with test laboratories concerning relevant tests and with suppliers and customers concerning requirements to be fulfilled.


  • The EU regulation on safety evaluation of food contact materials 
  • How to test the safety of food contact materials
  • Content of compliance declarations
  • How to communicate with non-European suppliers and customers concerning EU requirements


The course is relevant for staff in companies that produce, use, import or deliver raw materials for use in food contact materials, food packaging or processing equipment. It is a prerequisite that you become acquainted with the current EU regulation on food contact materials prior to the course.