01 Mar 2016

Breaking the code of breaking waves

DHI collaborates with Technical University of Denmark on OpenFOAM workshop

DHI and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) arranged a joint workshop to find innovative solutions to tomorrow’s water challenges.

Titled OceanFOAM 2016, the workshop held on 24 February was devoted to our research and development activities exploiting the open source flow simulation software – OpenFOAM – to solve practical problems in ocean and coastal engineering.

Both DHI and DTU researchers presented their latest research. Professor Hrvoje Jasak – one of the main developers of OpenFOAM – also attended the workshop and gave two lectures on the latest development in his research group at the University of Zagreb. The programme and presentations from the OceanFOAM workshop can be accessed here.

The OceanFOAM workshop was part of DHI’s ongoing efforts to maintain and strengthen our collaboration with universities worldwide. Such collaborations are a vital component in our development of tomorrow’s solutions to the world’s water challenges.

‘OpenFOAM is the computational fluid dynamics model of choice for DHI. It helps us deliver added value to our small and medium sized enterprises. Therefore, close cooperation with leading Danish universities is crucial for our success and relations with our local SMEs.’ – Dr Ole Petersen, Head of Marine Research, Port and Offshore Technology.

The workshop was financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research through the Sapere Aude postdoctoral grant, ‘Breaking the code of breaking waves - A postdoc project on new computational methods for high resolution ocean wave simulations’ and the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Participants at the OceanFOAM 2016 workshop. © DHI